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Pole 4 Fun


  • One free trial class 

(Get a taste of our super fun workouts and consider your options of taking more classes!...Space is limited and registration required.
We encourage you to take your trial class when you can afford more classes because you won't want to quit!!)

  • 3 Month Membership; $105.00 a month
  • 12 Month Membership; $85.00 a month
  • Drop-In Classes; $30.00
  • Specialty Workshops (see home page for announcements)
  • Parties & Events (see Party page)
  • Private Lessons: $50.00
  • Advanced Trick Class (see at bottom of this page)

Pole is very progressive in the fact that you will slowly build muscle and strength to be able to do more and more moves.  That is why we believe that committing to at least 3 months is what it will take for you to make the best progress and enjoy it the most.

 3 & 12 Month Memberships include:

  • 16+ classes a month

Current Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Super discounts on workshops & specialty classes
  • Pole Performance Nights (these are fun and for students only)

Enjoy class time with ladies just like you, in a fun and supportive atmosphere! We have ladies of all fitness levels and ages 18 to 70 so far!  We have moms and daughters taking classes together along with ladies of all walks of life.  It is all about fun and fitness. Most of our students enjoy a long term membership where they can workout as often as they can get to class.  It's becomes something that makes a difference in our lives and we want to participate as often as possible!

Classes include:

A Variety of Warm Up Stretches

Fun with Dance Movement

Pole Time

Lots of Laughter & Smiles

Each class is just one hour long so you can make the time in your day to escape and rejuvenate!
(Don't will be worn out!)  

Our classes are all about getting a workout; focusing on cardio, muscle toning, and dance.  I encourage learning and mastering each part well and enjoying the journey rather than a particular destination.  We enjoy and support all fitness levels of accomplishment from keeping your feet on the floor to more complicated moves. There will be open pole time to work on 'pole tricks', but it is not the focus of our regular fitness classes. We want each workout to be beneficial to our core goals and to every woman that arrives.  We love having beginners to more advanced in the same classes and we have a blast encouraging each other!

If you are an advanced pole trickster, you might choose to still have a regular class membership with the added bonus of our advanced class at a discount once you are physically ready upon approval, or consider taking only the advanced class if pole tricks is your only focus, or choose to treat yourself to private lessons.

Wear comfortable workout clothes; bare feet or ballet slippers work best to start.

Class time is a private and safe time for students only.  Curtains are closed, no spectators in class; male or female.

Advanced Pole Trick Class:
This class is designed for ladies who are already intermediate to advanced in their strength and abilities.  You must be approved by the instructor to sign up for this class.  Please write to us about more details on getting approved for this class:

This class is currently being set up - times and pricing will be posted soon.  If you are interested please email us.





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