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Thank you to all who have written, e-mailed, and spoken these kind words and encouraging thoughts!

Thanks Linda! I'm SO Glad I discovered www.pole4fun.com studio in VANCOUVER it has made it SO much easier for me to keep up what I've been doing in Cali and I'm happy to have met you too. I do have a lot of fun with you. I love your boldness and confident statement you are making. Pole Dancing is NOT JUST FOR STRIPPERS! I truly believe that too. AND the way you encourage, facilitate and inspire others to love themselves AS IS and to go out into the world and SHINE with a pep in their step is Amazing!!! I look forward to many adventures with you and if you're curious, your first pole class is FREE.

‎1. I love waking up the day after a class, and feeling that I (quite literally)... worked my ass off!! Take THAT gym!
2. I love being able to wear stripper heels, short shorts and leg warmers without feeling like a lady of the night or a Flashdance extra
3. I love being known as the shy, safe one in my friend group, then watching everyone's eyes pop when they ask how I got all my bruises
4. I love strutting onto that floor and being surrounded by beautiful sexy girls who grow more confident with each passing week
5. Most of all, I love the rush of catching a glimpse in the mirror in the middle of a trick, and being astounded with who I see. You guys rock, my confidence (and body) would be so different without you!    Sheila; 40-ish

Pole dancing is a tough workout that is so much fun! You never feel like you are exercising. The classes are motivating and fun at the same time. I have done many types of exercise (including martial arts) and pole dancing works a whole different set of muscles.  With every class – I feel stronger and more fit. I love the graceful element of the pole dancing. It isn’t just exercise, it’s dance. No one should feel shy about trying a class. The classes are very classy and are set to teach people of any level of fitness or dance experience (or lack there-of). I would highly recommend the classes to anyone looking for a fun way to exercise while becoming more graceful.  – Amy, Age 35

I started Pole Dance 3 years ago, as a secret Birthday surprise for my husband, Nick. For 3 months I told him I was doing Yoga at the YMCA. (Thankfully he never tried to check in on me!) In that three months he told everyone how amazed he was with this Yoga, and how toned I was becoming! I had to follow him around and tell everyone it wasn't Yoga to blame for my great arms!
Pole dance helped me lose 2 pant sizes, tone my body, and my thighs don't touch to the knees anymore! This was HUGE for me! (My family is notorious for their thighs!)
 Linda is an awesome teacher who continues to encourage and support all her students regardless of whether you are a beginner, or more advanced. I would highly recommend her classes to any woman looking to tone her body and build self esteem!  
Misti,  Age 28

Linda's class is so much fun and empowering, I am surprised to find I'm also getting in shape. She makes you feel so comfortable and right at home at whatever level you are. When I go to class I feel like I never want to leave!
Kris; Age 62

I never pegged myself as the pole dancing type, but I'm so glad I gave pole fitness a try because it turns out you don't have to be the "type"--all you need is a positive attitude! Pole is an incredible workout, and such a blast! I gained so much confidence through pole fitness, and now I can't wait to get a pole of my own! 
Amanda; Age 28

During my two months of pole dancing with Linda I've had so much fun and have truly learned to appreciate pole dancers and their art. Within one month, I noticed that I gained muscle, strength, and confidence. Linda creates a relaxing and comfortable enviornment for women of all ages and levels of experience. She is very encouraging and teaches at a level and pace that fits each individual. She is always open to new ideas and responsive to feedback. I highly recommend her class and encourage women to explore this form of art/exercise.
Flora, Age 23

POLE FITNESS 4 FUN IS AMAZING! Anyone wanting to burn fat, gain muscle, increase flexibility, get their adrenaline pumping, meet cool peeps, and listen to fun music should DEFINITELY call Miss Linda at POLE FITNESS 4 FUN.....it's truly a BLAST!
Meghan, K9 CARE (as posted on The Merchant Circle)

Pole Fitness 4 Fun is a great way to be part of a creative, challenging workout class, learning fun moves with Linda and the other students in a supportive, upbeat setting!
Leigh;  Age 41 (Out of town; part time drop in student)

Pole dancing class with my nana: This is a pole dancing class my nana and I sometimes go to with her. First you do exercises to stretch on mats on the floor and we make snow angels sometimes. Then you line up in front of the mirrors and everyone has to smile and you dance with jingle belts on a scarf tied around your belly and you jingle them a lot I like this part the best we have fun. Then you do moves on the pole that Miss Linda teaches them we listen to lots of music in class to dance to. They wear big long boots even Linda has white fuzzy ones. Miss Linda has lots of shoes and boots to buy in her books. Sometimes we have snacks after class. That is what pole dance class is it is fun. It is very fun and everyone is happy and smiling and laughing. I like my nana taking this class because it makes her happy and feel good and she says its good exercise for ladies. I learn a lot too and everyone is so nice. It is cool watching them do things on the pole there is one lady Misty that is very pretty on the pole doing dance moves I wish I could do them but I'm to little everyone has to always smile and have a good time. My nana tells everyone we know how I go to some of her classes and how I do all the exercises just like they do and how much fun it is. I'm glad my nana takes this class.
Macayla; Age 8

Linda, This was Macayla's story; I told you about how she surprised me with it. This sums up for me through her eyes how enjoyable and fitness this class is. Even our physical theropist at my work says this is the best type of physical care training that women can do as well as learn dance moves on a pole like the professionals do (without stripping, ha-ha) and how it is the newest hottest activity that women are getting into nationwide. I know I enjoy it emmensely and tell everyone about it and how the benefits help us to feel better physically as well as our self esteem, like you tell us always keep smiling we are pretty and feel good about ourselves. It's a wonderful class Linda and I recommend it to all. See you next class.
Mary; Age 49


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